Get Your Stache On


Sitting around the bar at the apartment of Phil D. and Hafner late one night in the Summer of 1999 an inspired idea sprung to life.  The men that were heavily drinking that evening came up with a concept that would change their lives forever.  They decided that for the entire month of August they would grow, groom, and rock their mustaches.  At the time they were very young (20 - 22) and their mustaches were disgraceful, but contracts had been drawn up and signed, so they wore them proudly.

The original crew had such a good time and so many of their friends were interested in testing their follicle fortitude, that it became an annual event.  Mustache Month was born.

Mustache Month is meant to be shared with all of the cool friends that are met over the years. Mustache Month is the excuse to stay in touch with these people and a way to meet other cool people that your friends have met over the years.  The pay off of Mustache Month will truly begin to show when we are all in our fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties and still hanging out, at least once a year, and showing off our old gray mustaches.

Set in Las Vegas, the first Mustache Month Convention was in 2001. The numbers have grown over the years and has become a special nationwide event. The Mustache of the Month of the Year is awarded to the best stache. They get their name engraved on the Mustache Mug and get to keep it throughout the next year. Contact the stachemaster for any details and we will see you at the Mustache Month Convention!

Great Moments In Mustache Month History:

August 1999 - The very first Mustache Month.
August 2001 - The very first Mustache Month Convention held in Las Vegas at the Fabulous Key Largo Hotel and Casino (now closed).
August 2006 - The Mustache Mug is introduced. Show wins the inaugural Mustache of the Month of the Year Award and, in a yet to be repeated event, also claims Rookie Mustache of the Month of the Year honors.
August 2007 - First Mustache Month T-shirt.
August 2010 - Mustache Month Convention moves to Downtown Las Vegas for the first time.
August 2011 - The 10th Annual Mustache Month Convention is a huge success. Mustaches everywhere rejoice.
August 2018
- Mustache Month turns twenty, platinum staches for all.