Get Your Stache On


Mustache of the Month of the Year     Rookie Mustache of the Month of the Year          

 2017  Baby-B Hamilton

 2016     Loopy          Adams
2015            Frankie                                Espinosa
2014             Jed
 2013             Gipp                         Chase & Tristan  
 2012             KY                                       Zavada      
 2011           Chuck                                        DG
 2010           Hafner                                       Jake
 2009           Gipp                                            Chad
 2008           Frankie                  Tay-Rex
 2007           Phildo                                            Loopy
 2006           Show                                     Show


1. A beard or goatee is not a mustache.

         a. A taint brush/soul patch/chode scrubber is for people that are
             ashamed from their mustache and cannot handle it alone but is
             allowed unfortunately...

2. Mustache Month participants must go to the convention to win the
    Mustache of the Month of the Year.

3. Votes will be tallied after the convention.

4. The person who wins Mustache of the Month of the Year will get their
    name engraved on the Motmoty Cup and will get to keep it until the next
    year's winner is selected.

         a. Motmoty Cup must be returned AT the next year's mustache month

         b. The mustache must be cut and maintained for the entire month of
             August starting on the first in order to win the Mustache of the
             Month of the Year.

5. Rookie Mustache of the Month of the Year will also be voted on.

6. Any one that you pass during the convention that has a mustache you
    must praise them for its sweetness or ask them if they are here for the
    convention. Mustache ride offers are also acceptable.

7. It is unacceptable to invite non-mustache havers to the Mustache Month Convention.

         a. Women do not have mustaches.

         b. Fake or glue-on mustaches are not real and therefore unacceptable.